Patient Access Request


A subject access request is simply a request under the Data Protection Act 2018 to an organisation asking for a copy of personal data that it holds about you.

And SAR enables you to understand how and why an organisation is using your data and to check that they are doing it lawfully.

Is there a fee for submitting a Subject Access Request?

The Trust must provide a copy of the information free of charge. However, the Trust can charge a ‘reasonable fee’ when the request is deemed ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’ and particularly if it is repetitive.

The Trust can also charge a ‘reasonable fee’ to comply with a request for further copies of the same information.

The fees will be based on administrative costs of providing the information; for example photocopying, postage and packaging.

How to make a request

In order to make a request for copies of your health records, please click on the relevant form in the "Forms" section on this site. These forms will explain everything you need to do in order to successfully complete an application for your records.

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